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Motor Vehicle Spare Parts

We provide both new and selected ex-Japan spares for: Isuzu FSR, FVR, FRR, FVZ, NPR and NQR; Mitsubishi spares for FH215, Fuso F1 and Fuso 567; Toyota spare parts LN40, YN55, KUN25R, KUN15; and Tata 1116, 1513, 1517 and 1112.

Genuine Generator Service Parts

We undertake comprehensive generator repairs including the following: power generation unit (power unit), Engine overhaul and Fuel injector services.


We are appointed dealers for Chloride Exide, Automotive & Industrial Battery manufacturers (Volt master).

Workshop Equipment

We supply and repair the following workshop equipment: hydraulic jacks, air compressors greasing equipment, trolley jacks and workshop tools.

Trucks and Generator Lubricants

We offer a wide range of recommended lubricants and coolants for turbo generators, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, pickups and saloons.

Air Filters
Truck and Pickup Fuel Filters
Oil Filters
Generator Service Parts
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Foot Brake Valve FSR/FVR
Foot Brake Valve FSR/FVR
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Hanger FSR
Hanger FSR
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Rear Axle Tube FSR/FH
Rear Axle Tube FSR/FH
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Differential Assembly FRR
Differential Assembly FRR
Spark Plugs
Starter Motors
Tie Rod Ends and Other Suspension Parts
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Differential Assembly FH
Differential Assembly FH
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Instrument Panel Clock FH
Instrument Panel Clock FH
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Door Step FRR
Door Step FRR
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Starter Fuso
Starter Fuso
Gear Box Parts
Air Pressure Valves
Clutch Slave Cylinders
Propeller Flange
Handbrake Drums
Universal Joints
Speed Sensors
Crown Wheel and Pinion
Head and Tail Lamps
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Propeller Yoke FH215
Propeller Yoke FH215
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Alternator Assembly FH215
Alternator Assembly FH215
Electro-Mech Enterprises Ltd - Complete Differential FSR33H
Complete Differential FSR33H
Front Axle Assy FH/FSR
Shell Motor Oils
Shell Lubricants
Shell Brake Fluid
Shell CVT Oil
Shell Grease